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Home remedies to heal the sunburn faster....

Sunburn is what you get when you're exposed to a lot of sunlight. Your skin gets red, painful and itchy sometimes. Here's some remedies to help you. 
Alove vera is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Alove vera is one the best natural moisturizer that works wonders on many skin problems. Alove vera can also heal the sunburn faster. Take a piece of Alove Vera leaf. Extract the gel out of the leaf by cutting it. Apply the gel on the sunburn. You can also chill the gel of alove vera and apply it on sunburn this will soothe the skin and stop the irritation.

Honey is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic  properties. Honey heals wounds and fights the bacteria.Applying a layer of honey on skinburn prevents skin infections.

3.Pure Raw Milk
Milk is a rich source of vitamin-b, calcium and many antioxidants.Pure milk has a lots of skin benefits too. Milk can heal and nourish the sunburn deeply, also leaving it moisturized.The lactic acid present …
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Hey do You know that there is a something called as sunrise. If you aren't a morning person you would have seen that  only in the pictures and movies. Here's why you should wake up early.

1. You get extra hours to live and do things that are more important to you than just sleeping. There are many things to do in your life for which you don't get enough time. If you get up early you won't be complaining about not getting enough time.

2. There's peace in the air. The right time to do the right thing, to make more out of your brain.
Meditation is the best thing to understand and develope the brain.There's a lot of positive benefits of meditation, you develop more patience, compassion and ability to understand complex things.It's proved that people who practice meditation on daily basis experience very less stress.

3. When your alone, it's then you seek out the person who you really are. Never once in a does a person get to be alone and find his true call…

3 Tips to a good sleep.....

Tip no.1  Switch off the phone. You would  have read this a thousand times to switch off your phone half an hour before going to the bed.
I know its hard to switch off or stay away from the phone. But for a good night's sleep you have to switch off all the screens at your home. 
you have to choose from either you want to stay glued to the phone all night and wake up with a tired face or give your body the rest it needs and wake with the beautiful well rested body.

Tip no.2  Read something.
Your body won't be able to accept or take in the fact that you are actually sleeping early without using the  damn phone. 
The usal energy which you use up on the phone won't be ready to get you  into sleep, so use that energy to read a book.
Reading is considered as the habbit of top level people. It is said that on an average a CEO of any big company read 50 books a year.
So reading is the best thing you can do before diving into a deep sleep. Read books on self development that will …

Having tough time with the cold?!

IF you live in India and you get a cold, the most common question asked by someone especially the elders in your family is,"Did you eat something cold?!"  It's just too weird to hear such things. If you're confused what weird thing I am talking about, guess what, you are weird too!🤔 
Because eating cold things like ice cream or anything won't give you a cold.
 Cold is caused by viruses, the most common of them is the rhinovirus. But cold conditions make you more receptive to the virus.

you  get a cold when you come in contact with the virus spread from a person with a cold when they sneeze or cough. 

Here are few things to  do when you get a COMMON COLD and to get rid of it faster.  -To get rid of the cold faster, you have to drink more water and stay hydrated - VITAMIN C is known to fight infection, intake of it helps to fight infection. - Taking rest helps your body to heal faster. CONCLUSION: IF YOUR  COLD PERSISTS FOR TOO LONG YOU BETTER SEE A DOCTOR. AND WAS…


In today's  fast paced world everybody is stressed up about this or that thing. Learning how to handle stress is a skill need to be developed. Many feel as if they are carrying tons of heavy things in their heads. Too much stress at work place cause a negative impact on your mind and body. 

It can give you headache, disturb your sleep, and might even cause cardiovascular disease. Moreover it can make you exhausted.

So learning a few de-stress techniques is a must. And knowing about this techniques isn't enough.  You have to put them into practice or it would be like knowing how to cook but not using the technique when you're hungry.

 Remember putting  the techniques into use is going to help you rather than just knowing it. 
Here are the techniques to help you. 1. Take frequent breaks. Take frequent breaks  to make you  feel relaxed. Focus your mind on something pleasant for a while,this will help you to take your mind off the unpleasant task at hand. 
2.Take few deep brea…